What is the research for paper format APA?

May 13, 2019

If you want to know about the research paper format APA, then you have to get some knowledge about the APA. It stands for Association of Professional Psychologists which includes all the specialists from all over the United States and Canada. APA includes 150 thousand associated members. The main motive of APA is to promote psychology as a science, profession, and improving well-being health and education of people. The APA formatting is used in some research publications in some areas as a business economy.

Research paper formatting APA guidelines

The guidelines of formatting differ from each other with various frameworks. It is not an exceptional case; if you have any doubt then you can check its instructions which are given below:

  • The text should be written on white paper whose parameters are 8.5”x 11”.
  • It requires natural styles which is easy to read and recommends are use at 12pt.
  • Double space is required on both sides of the paper.
  • The margin should be 1” on all side of the paper.
  • The starting of a paragraph should be set by the half inch from the left side.
  • The unique header is used to create a page number.

Format of an APA

For writing an essay, you need to follow the format which gives a beautiful image to piece. The format is classified into several parts like-

Title page

The title is placed in the center of the page.  There is less than 12 words should be used in a title which contains the starting letter capital. Keep an essential thing in mind that double spacing is required; the author’s name is written under the title. There is no need to write the qualification of an author like Ph.D. or Mr.


The main motive of the outline is to serve the introduction of the topic. A summary about the topic and thesis statement which reflect investigate done by the author. It encloses all the relevant information such as particular words and terms. The word limit is less than 250 words.


All the investigation should be written with different research and some supporting reasons. The body should be divided into 3-4 paragraphs, and each section is related to each other.


It concaved a half inch from the margin. It is also known as a summary of all the above lines. Try to conclude the essay with logic. The word limit should be half from the introduction.

Thus, this is all about the research paper format APA. For more detail, you can check some online sites.

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